GDPR Package

data protection act 2018

fixed fee


  • The new Data Protection Act/General Data Protection Regulations became law on 25th May 2018
  • Compliance with the new Act is not optional, regardless of business size
  • The ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) regulate this Act
  • Employers / Company’s must be fair, transparent and lawful in use of personal data and meet the requirements of the Data Protection Act 2018
  • Penalties to the organisation for non-compliance can be severe, regardless of business size
  • Work has to been done to ensure clarity of what personal data is collected for what reason, and what the Company does with it
  • Procedures must be in place to allow data subjects to exercise their rights and to demonstrate to your clients/customers and the ICO that you are fully complying
  • You need all employees to play their part in protecting personal data and handling it appropriately, in line with the policy and procedures
  • If you transfer data abroad, or work with a third party with access to your Company details you must have the relevant agreements in place.

If you have terms in place with clients, you also need to have these updated to demonstrate your commitment to the GDPR and what measures you have put in place.

Services Include:

  • GDPR manual with all policies / procedures
  • GDPR compliant contractual clauses
  • All GDPR documentation written and completed
  • Update of business Terms and Conditions
  • 3rd Party Agreements
  • Register of HR Data
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • All required privacy notices
  • Consent for processing for current employees and new employees
  • Data Protection / GDPR Policy
  • Data Audit process, mapping and form (with guidance on how to carry out a Data Audit)
  • Website Enquiry Privacy Notice
  • Online Purchase Privacy Notice
  • Newsletter sign-up Privacy Notice
  • Website Privacy Policy
  • Subject Data Request form
  • Data Transfer agreements
  • Awareness training for Management and Staff, along with cyber safety training
  • CCTV compliance with the ICO
  • Registration with ICO (if necessary)

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